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Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Reduction

Does excessive drinking take hold of you?

Do you feel that you want to cut down on your drinking but don’t want to give up alcohol altogether? Do you often find yourself consuming more alcohol than you are really happy with? Does it feel impossible to resist the temptation of 'just one more'?

Excessive drinking takes a hold of you when we get disproportionally focused on the present moment (and extending it) and as a result lose perception of the future and its consequences. All that exists is only now ….and now….and now…. and tomorrow is only thought of when you wake up in the morning!

Increasing alcohol consumption and binge drinking is rarely out of the media. However it seems that the majority of therapies and therapists offer an all-or nothing solution, give up completely or give in to the drink. The good news is if you want to reduce our alcohol intake without the need to give up completely I can offer you a alternative way to help you enjoy a moderate amount of alcohol with confidence and ease. 

You may currently think that you need to stop drinking completely as you don’t trust yourself as a result of your history with alcohol. However, I can assure you that you possess amazing resources inside you that can kick start you into a pain free, uncomplicated moderation journey and it begins right here on this page !

How does hypnotherapy work to reduce alcohol consumption?

With the aid of hypnotherapy, I will teach you how to instill a beneficial positive outlook relating to moderate drinking. It works at the subconscious level within your mind, to ensure that alcohol becomes less and less important in your life and increase your ability to think long term about developing a good relationship with alcohol. My program of hypnotherapy will deal with emotional issues that may be connected with drinking such as boredom, stress or upsetting experiences. My approach allows you to take hold of your choices again, breaking the habit of drinking, reprogramming your sleeping patterns and releasing cravings allowing you to be firmly in control of alcohol again.

With my comprehensive approach you will be able to enjoy moderate drinking and stop drinking before the point of ‘no return’ or where the volume of alcohol has far gone over healthy limits. I can help you to stop binge drinking and moderate your intake by re-setting the mind and your complete attitude to alcohol, the way it affects your moods, your wellbeing, your interpersonal relationships and your life. Moderate social drinking then becomes the new normal and binge drinking, part of the past. I individually tailor all my hypnotherapy programmes to each client and their needs.

Those who have experienced hypnotherapy describe it as incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating on both a physical and psychological level. Even more importantly they gain a brighter outlook on life too regardless of what they come to see me about.

What benefits can I expect to get from hypnotherapy for alcohol reduction?

  • A decreased desire for alcohol
  • Insight into why you got yourself in a drinking rut and how to change it
  • Learn powerful techniques to enable you to block out unhelpful thoughts about drinking
  • check
    Develop healthier coping strategies that reflect how you want to be, not who you were 
  • check
    Gain an increased sense of self control and achievement
  • check
    Lean how to stop drinking when you want to
  • check
    Improve your sober self-esteem so you don't need to drink to feel calmer or self-assured

How does my approach work?

My approach is a tailored form of therapy using a multi-faceted approach which includes elements of clinical hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and strategic goal setting.

Your first session will be a fact-find where we will discuss your current situation, history regarding your drinking patterns, your goals and motives. This will become the foundation to a bespoke plan to help your moderation goals become a reality.

The process will normally require 3 to 10 sessions depending on your goals and individual circumstances. All sessions will involve a hypnotic induction to induce a trance state, a deepening process to access and communicate with the unconscious mind, specific suggestions linked to your unique circumstances to enable change and an awakening to take you out of trance.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you on your journey to a new you!

What do my clients say?* 


Motivation and Job Search

I got a job before I had even finished my 3 sessions!

I have tried counselling, CBT and another hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy, in my experience hits the spot more directly without the need to go over one's past, I would suggest it is absolutely worth a try.

It depends a lot on the practitioner - As with all such services it is important to feel some sort of connection to the practitioner. Even though Tansy was just launching her career as a hypnotist her aura of calm was very real. I felt very comfortable and relaxed, Tansy has a very calming and comforting energy.



I found the action plan Tansy gave me was helpful & something i can work on. I found her visualisation very good and personal to me.

I have had counselling in the past that address issues through talking therapies that uncover childhood issues but this takes sometime to do so along with the drama. Hypnotherapy gets to the point of an issue at the beginning of the first sessions, addressing a single issue through practical visualizing and offers a robust action plan at the end that gives options to try out exercises to aid sleep which i found useful.

Sylvia W.

Chronic Joint Pain

Tansy made me feel very safe and cared for, she taught me relaxation techniques and now I am more able to manage my stress & joint pain.

I had been struggling with joint pain and feeling stressed, Hypnotherapy is a very helpful method for managing stress and reducing pain.

Kathy M.


Before hypnotherapy I tried medication and seeing Doctors as well as self-care but this was virtually ineffective.

I had also tried CBT but it was a short-term solution only and is forgotten in the long-term. With hypnotherapy it is long-term and the sessions are recorded so you can top up yourself - It is brilliant in comparison. If people are unsure about hypnotherapy, I would tell them it is 80-90% effective and for them to overcome any stereo-types about hypnotherapy. It is a different type of therapy but is very useful and helpful. My condition was not amenable to treatment but this cured me.

I feel comfortable and have confidence in Tansy's abilities. She is excellent and knowledgeable.

Hypnotherapy is effective but more importantly the therapy works.

Shami K.

Weight Loss

I was a yoyo dieter I had joined several slimming clubs. I preferred hypnotherapy as it is great for feeling less stressed and more relaxed - counselling doesn't relax you in the same way.

Please give it a go i didn't think it would work for me it has helped me in many ways i think about what i eat snack less and eat a lot slower so i feel more full now.

Tansy is a lovely friendly lady who always made me feel at ease also very easy to talk too.

Kim M.

Unhealthy Eating Habits

I ignored the problem, convinced myself that it wasn’t serious and this is how I am. Hypnotherapy I felt was much structured I had a specific issue I wanted to tackle and left with measurable tasks that I had to do each week.

Tansy is brilliant. Her voice is magical and very soothing. She makes sure you are left empowered with clear objectives and realistic achievable, measurable tasks you say you can accomplish. The focus always comes back to how you can implement the things you want to change.

I’m on a definite path to healthy eating and I was able to discover that my resistance and reluctance stemmed from the awful school dinners I was subjected to as a child! I had no idea! I use to always think that culturally we just didn’t have enough vegetables in our cooking, which of course isn’t the case.

Ginika E.


I had used CBT and psychotherapy before and I found Hypnotherapy can go to the root of the problem without having to spend years digging around for it.

Hypnotherapy is a very effortless kind of therapy, you can turn on the recordings before bed and fall asleep listening to them and they will still be effective as the subconscious will be listening.

I looked forward to my sessions with Tansy she has such a calming effect and is a hugely positive person that instills confidence in a very easy manner.

Tansy has had such a positive impact on where I am at the moment. I am considering a career change and Tansy helped build my confidence to be able to take this move fearlessly. She has a natural ability to empower people and is hugely gifted when it comes to helping people see their potential. Her scripts are so tailor made and personal that she stands out from any other hypnotherapist I've come across.

Laura F.

Alcohol Moderation

I wanted to cut down on binge drinking as i was never able to stop once I had started. I seemed to drink more than everyone else, be the most drunk and end up with 2 day hangovers. To manage this I would avoid going out as couldn’t trust myself just to have a couple. But most of the time I would go out anyway and ride out the hangover and endure the anxiety that would follow.

Just after the first session of hypnotherapy I felt so much more in control on a night out. My drinking slowed down and I was very conscious about my limits and not crossing the point of no return. I have my Sunday’s back now. I would never plan anything on a Sunday as knew I would normally be in no fit state to do anything.

I felt very relaxed and Tansy really understood my issues and suited my sessions accordingly.

David B.


I was struggling to see the good in life, I felt like everything was too much and I was not coping with work, home, finances or my social life. I needed some help clearing my thinking and seeing things differently. After months of struggling, I decided I needed help, and found and contacted Tansy that day.

I was anxious going to my first session, but Tansy reassured me that hypnosis is actually a very pleasant experience. I was concerned about losing control of myself or clucking like a chicken for the rest of my life. But in actuality, it is a very relaxing and pleasant process, throughout which you have total control of your faculties. Hypnotherapy is very pleasant and a way to have someone else guide you through the dark times and into better times.

After our session together I felt great! I went from being overwhelmed and depressed to now feeling positive, back to my outgoing self. After Tansy fixed that problem, I came back for help with being a bit overweight and Tansy has been great with this different problem too.

Tansy not only delivers but over-delivers, with preparation and follow up from each session. It has been a really great experience and I recommend anyone to give it a try.

Rick M.

*Please note that effects of therapy may vary from person to person.

About Tansy Forrest 

I am a fully qualified, insured clinical hypnotherapist and the owner of Tansy Forrest Hypnotherapy. In my previous career I was as a teacher where I worked my way up to Head of Department of Social Sciences.  I have completed a Masters Degree at University College London before completing a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy here in London.  

I am passionate about helping people to see their true potential.  My philosophy is about enjoying life and understanding that you don’t have to run away from your problems, but instead deal with them head on. My tailored and unique approach during my therapy sessions is progressive rather than regressive, allowing my clients to achieve lasting change.

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