Tansy Forrest: Client Journey - How does a hypnotherapy session work?
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How your journey works as my client

Initial Consultation

New clients typically reach out by either booking a time to have their initial consultation using the BOOK NOW page or if you have any questions prior to the call you can email me on the CONTACT page.  We will then organise a time  that is convenient for both of us to have a initial consultation call.  This call is FREE and there is no obligation to take your inquiry any further with me - the aim of the call is to establish the nature of the issue that you would like to work on and discuss your desired outcome. If your issue is something that I believe does not respond well to hypnotherapy then I can recommend other treatments that you could potentially research.  If I believe the issue can be helped with Hypnotherapy then I will ask additional questions to dig deeper in the issue and to being to design a tailored treatment plan.  I will then describe my process of working in more detail, give realistic expectations of what you can achieve with hypnotherapy and answer other questions you may have.  We can then go on to schedule your first session.

First Session

An initial assessment and evaluation will be required to establish the full nature of the issue and then I will put together a treatment plan tailored to your needs. Depending on your availability and preference this session will take place either at one of my practice locations or over Skype. It is during this stage that we will outline and agree the specific goals of the therapy.  Even after this first session most client's will typically start to feel the psychological benefit.  Each subsequent session will be tailored to build upon these benefits  and reinforce the positive change we will be making in your life.

Subsequent or Booster Sessions

A typical course of hypnotherapy is between 3-6 sessions (with each session lasting from 1-1.5 hours) depending on the issue you want to treat and the progress you feel you have made during each session.  To ensure that you get the most benefit from hypnotherapy it is preferable for sessions to take place at regular intervals until completion, typically one week apart. The scheduling of all sessions is flexible based on your free time and can be booked online using the BOOK NOW page.

Additional Resources and Homework

Typically I will suggest tasks or assignments that you can do at home to aid the process of your improvement. You will find that the biggest strides in your development can be made between our sessions and it is important that the topics we discuss and work on in consultation are put into practice in your free time.

All clients will also receive the following support and resources,

  • Personally tailored hypnotherapy sessions designed by me
  • A recording of the hypnotherapy from each session to listen to anytime and reinforce what you have experienced
  • Email support throughout your course of hypnotherapy
  • Guides and suggested reading on the relevant issue or problem you are wanting to treat
  • Recommended links and downloads to other resources that I believe will help you and speed up your progress

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