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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety can simply be thought of as the misuse of our imagination. Anxiety related issues are the most widely experienced psychological condition people face and account for a large proportion of appointments with psychiatrists and doctors.

These conditions are in NO WAY the consequence of personal flaws or character weaknesses.  Instead, they are typically brought on by combined factors such as chemical changes in the brain, environmental stress or an imbalance within a person’s autonomic nervous system.

Physical symptoms of anxiety often include,

  • Palpitations and shortness of breath
  • Feeling constant uneasiness
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Flashbacks and nightmares of traumatic experiences
  • Nausea and dizziness
  • Ritualistic behaviours, such as repeated hand washing
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    Trouble remaining still and calm

How does hypnotherapy work to treat anxiety?

In today’s society we have complex and high-pressured lives trying to balance careers, families and financial commitments. We hold aspirations of being happy and content whilst at the same time being besieged by media making us constantly want more and achieve perfection. The experience of anxiety can make you feel isolated and knock your confidence, your self-esteem starts to decrease as an increasing volume of worry begins to enter into your world.

It comes as no surprise that many of us experience anxiety which can have adverse effects on both our physical and mental health, personal relationships, sleep, ability to concentrate and performance at work. But you don’t have to feel like this permanently!

The British Psychological carried out research and discovered in their 2001 report that hypnotherapy ‘significantly reduces general anxiety, tension and stress’. However hypnotherapy is not just about symptom reduction, it can teach you highly effective ‘thought stopping’ methods to break you out of the ‘anxious thinking’ negative loop.

Using Hypnotherapy to treat anxiety provides a rapid and powerful solution. If you are finding it impossible to consciously rationalise anxious thought patterns, feelings or worry, its most likely to have originated from a deeper level, the subconscious. It is at this level that hypnotherapy can effectively communicate. I have suffered with anxiety myself and know exactly how it feels and the most effective ways in which to overcome it.

Using hypnotherapy to treat anxiety can help you to

  • Transform all anxious thoughts into calm, and present thoughts
  • Experience a powerful and effective way to overcome anxiety for good
  • Give up the endless practice of worrying about the worst outcome all the time
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    Break free from ritualistic or ‘safety behaviors'’
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    Learn how to ‘Be’ and to ‘live in the moment’
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    Feel more relaxed, free and happy

How does my approach work?

I will guide you into a place of complete physical and mental relaxation, while still being mentally awake and having full control of your mind and free will. Your subconscious mind becomes more focused, receptive and creative to allow for therapeutic change to happen at a subconscious level. Working at this level you have the capability to re-frame problematic events whilst developing the capability to release unhelpful or critical thoughts. When in this state, you being to modify your attitudes and behaviours in a confident, peaceful and resourceful state. 

During our sessions at my clinic in London, I will teach you the skills you need to deal with whatever life throws your way, equipping you with simple, efficient methods that will empower and re-energise you. 

Your first session will be a fact-find where we will discuss your current situation, history regarding anxiety and what you want to achieve in the future. This will become the foundation to a bespoke plan to help your desire for a calm and peaceful existence become a reality.

The process will normally require 3 to 10 sessions depending on your goals and individual circumstances. All sessions will involve a hypnotic induction to create a trance state, a deepening process to access and communicate with the unconscious mind, specific suggestions linked to your unique circumstances and an awakening to take you out of trance.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you on your journey to a new you!

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