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How to take control of your drinking in as little as 30 days without avoiding the pub or your best friends next party

Become the healthiest, happiest and most productive version of yourself by following my NEW 30 day Moderation Plan!


Are you worried you a drinking too much? Have friends or family commented that they worry about your drinking habits? Maybe your drinking is starting to have adverse effects on your work? Have you had a health scare or the doctor told you to cut down on the number of units you are drinking?

Just imagine what your life would be like if you don’t get your drinking under control? What is going to be the impact on your job or future career prospects? What might happen to you relationship in the next two, three or six months? Will you even still be in a relationship?

Scary isn’t it?

Well first please don't worry, as many of us have trouble to control their drinking and it’s not your fault. Alcohol has become so woven into our society that it’s almost impossible now to go to any social event where alcohol isn’t present.

First of all, you should know that even I myself had trouble with alcohol. I continually made excuses about why I needed to drink or just have 'one more' and was always the last to leave the end of a party.

I tried almost everything but nothing really worked and I slowly always found myself drifting back into my old drinking habits.

Does this sound like you too?

The good news is if you want to reduce your alcohol intake, without the need to give up alcohol completely, then I can offer you an alternative way to help you enjoy a moderate amount of alcohol with confidence and ease.

You may currently think that you need to stop drinking completely as you don’t trust yourself as a result of your history with alcohol. However, I can assure you that you possess amazing resources inside you that can kick start you into a pain free, uncomplicated moderation journey and it begins right here on this page!

It wasn't until I truly understood myself, my values and motivations for drinking along with the aid of clinical hypnotherapy did I start to get a handle on my drinking for good.

Just imagine what your life could be like be getting your drinking under control too.

What benefits could I see if I take control of my drinking?

Save More Money

 Just think of the money you could save for a house deposit, a family holiday or even a special gift for your partner!

Look Younger & Healthier

 Imagine having longer and less uninterrupted sleeps, clearer & less dry skin and even lose weight all from stopping or cutting back on drinking!

Be More Productive

Imagine what you could achieve now with no more hangovers holding you back- get that promotion, a bonus or even start a new business!

Reduced Stress & Anxiety

 Don't rely on drinking as a 'social crutch' and instead learn my strategies to get you to feel more happy and confident in being you!

I am now taking on new clients who want a simple future-focused and values driven plan to take control of their drinking in as little as 30 days!

During my time as a clinical hypnotherapist my therapy and methods have helped both men and women who have struggled with the over consumption of alcohol. I have helped clients of all ages and many degrees of severity overcome and ultimately control their drinking habits with amazing success.

How is my 30 day plan different from other ways to control alcohol?

First of all you should know that this plan isn’t for everybody.

Hypnosis isn’t a ‘silver bullet’ and this plan is only for people that are very motivated to seriously change their current circumstances and life trajectory.

With the aid of hypnotherapy, I will teach you how to instil a beneficial positive outlook relating to drinking. This works at the subconscious level within your mind, to ensure that alcohol becomes less and less important in your life and increase your ability to think long term about developing a good relationship with alcohol.

My program of hypnotherapy will deal with emotional issues that may be connected with drinking such as boredom, stress or upsetting experiences. My approach allows you to take hold of your choices again, breaking the habit of over drinking, reprogramming your sleeping patterns and releasing cravings allowing you to be firmly in control of alcohol again.

With my comprehensive approach you will be able to enjoy moderate drinking and stop drinking before the point of ‘no return’ or where the volume of alcohol has far gone over healthy limits. I can help you to stop binge drinking and moderate your intake by re-setting the mind and your complete attitude to alcohol, the way it affects your moods, your wellbeing, your interpersonal relationships and your life.

Moderate social drinking then becomes the new normal and binge drinking, part of the past.

What will I learn during your 30 day plan?

  • Identify, understand and manage triggers that make you want to have a drink and that prevent you from stopping 
  • How to develop a positive long-term relationship with alcohol so you won't regress back into your old ways
  • Identify your own true values and how these align with your drinking behaviour 
  • Stop feeling guilty or shameful with your drinking  
  • Learn healthy drinking behaviours you can be proud of 
  • Improve your self-esteem and coping strategies so you don't need alcohol to feel calmer
  • How to reduce your anxiety and stop you feeling the need to drink just to get your anxiety under control

What is included in my 30 day plan?

4 x 1 hour Face-to-Face Hypnotherapy Sessions

You will receive tailored therapy based on your individual circumstances, since everyone comes to be me at different stages of their life and in different situations so it's important you receive the right advice for your future alcohol goals.  Sessions can be conducted at my practice in Wimbledon, South London or via remotely via Zoom

Your own Future Focused Map

The joint construction of a future focused map to aid with goal setting and give you a clear plan for you to help visualise where you want to get to with your drinking. Which means, if you hit bumps down the road you can always get yourself back on track!

Beskpoke MP3 Hypnotherapy Recordings

Your own hypnotherapy MP3 recordings from each of our sessions to reinforce and boost learning between sessions, so you can ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals and provide instant relief if you ‘fall off the wagon’ on your journey. Each bespoke Hypnotherapy recording is designed and tailored by me to meet your specific moderation goals!

Tailored Resources 

Tailored resources such as recommended books to read, apps to download, self-study exercises, guides and more to help you to understand the effects of alcohol and moderation moderating from alcohol and feeling great while doing it!

Office hours Email Support 

During the 30 days you will recieve full email support form me where I can adress any quetsions or challenges you may have between our weekly therapy sessions to ensure you will stay on track towards your moderation goals at all time.

What do my clients say about me and hypnotherapy?


"I reduced my intake to 14 units a week from around 80-90 previously. Working with Tansy I have genuinely found the change easy and I feel great, lost weight without trying".

Alcohol has always been a part of my social life , not to an alcoholic or damaging level but a glass or two most nights several more at dinner parties , stressful days , work events , social functions etc. Have been last man standing at most parties for as far back as I can remember. I have given alcohol up many times over the years mainly with a dry January or a post holiday month off even, but when I went back to drinking always seemed to overdo it again. I never managed the magical moderate drinking.

I procrastinated about booking a consultation with Tansy from about January did another dry month and went back to normal drinking. In March I finally booked a telephone consultation with Tansy and by the end of the call was convinced this was the way to go and am absolutely delighted with the results.

Working with Tansy has been really enjoyable , I was ready to make a change and really wanted a more moderate approach to drinking and from the outset Tansy’s approach has given me huge confidence in the process and has delivered truly amazing results. I always leave a session feeling so happy and relaxed, with a real sense of calm that stays with me.

The results from working with Tansy have been amazing, I am really enjoying the non drinking days as well as still having drinking days too but now I find that I am not rushing a glass I’m naturally drinking slower and savouring the flavour. I am more than happy to leave a drink if I’ve had enough and am really confident when I’ve decided to finish drinking for the evening. I chose to reduce my intake to 14 units a week, which seemed like it was going to be impossible from around 80-90 previously. Working with Tansy I have genuinely found the change easy and I feel great, lost weight without trying. I’ve had several events in the month including my wedding anniversary had a great bottle of wine and still stayed within my target. Tansy has also really helped motivate me back into a fitness regime. The surprise bonus has been how less stressed I feel now, I genuinely thought that having a glass of wine after work was the way to unwind at the end of a day and it’s not a glass I even think about now.

Anthony L.

"Tansy went out of her way to provide supportive guidance, reflection, reassurance and validation for my efforts toward moderating alcohol use"

I’m a very private person and was nervous to share my challenges with Tansy, but she was so understanding and empathetic. I was amazed at our first session. I could hardly believe it when she created a customised spoken hypnosis designed for my specific set of values, future aspirations and desires on the spot within the session. She even added background music, recorded it and emailed it to me. It was a lovely way to begin what otherwise would have been an anxiety provoking day at my new home business while home schooling my three children. Within each subsequent session Tansy went out of her way to provide supportive guidance, reflection, reassurance and validation for my efforts toward moderating alcohol use. At each subsequent session, Tansy has created an additional custom hypnosis recording that has addressed my unique set of strengths, challenges and life goals. I listen to them every morning and the subconscious part of my mind really is accepting the suggestions made in the recordings. I know this because I have stuck to my limits successfully for the past two months and my business and sense of inner peace are growing


"Just after the first session of hypnotherapy I felt so much more in control on a night out."

I wanted to cut down on binge drinking as i was never able to stop once I had started. I seemed to drink more than everyone else, be the most drunk and end up with 2 day hangovers. To manage this I would avoid going out as couldn’t trust myself just to have a couple. But most of the time I would go out anyway and ride out the hangover and endure the anxiety that would follow.

Just after the first session of hypnotherapy I felt so much more in control on a night out. My drinking slowed down and I was very conscious about my limits and not crossing the point of no return. I have my Sunday’s back now. I would never plan anything on a Sunday as knew I would normally be in no fit state to do anything.

I felt very relaxed and Tansy really understood my issues and suited my sessions accordingly.

David B.

"Hypnotherapy with Tansy is forward thinking and doesn’t ponder on what went wrong in the past but what you can aim for in the future."

I tried to self manage from time to time but really needed a boost and support. Although it’s early days, I find that Tansy has given me motivational tools to set me on my way.

Hypnotherapy is individual but it taps into an inner desire to tackle a problem if you really are fed up with that habit or behaviour. You can’t be hypnotised if you don’t want to and can come out of it whenever you want. I had counselling many years ago for another issue but found it too prolonged and retrospective. Hypnotherapy with Tansy is forward thinking and doesn’t ponder on what went wrong in the past but what you can aim for in the future.

I Immediately liked Tansy - her warmth, genuine interest and empathy. Our sessions were relaxed and I felt very trusting as she was not prescriptive in her methods. She made me feel extremely comfortable and because she draws on her own experiences, as well as her training and research, this allowed me to be more candid with her and together work out the best strategies for me. She is also realistic about the process.

Jane W.

About Tansy Forrest 

I am a fully qualified, insured clinical hypnotherapist and the owner of Tansy Forrest Hypnotherapy and I see clients either via Zoom or at my practice in Wimbledon, London. 

I am passionate about helping people to reach their true potential.  My philosophy is about enjoying life and understanding that you don’t have to run away from your problems, but instead deal with them head on. My tailored and unique approach during my therapy sessions is progressive rather than regressive, allowing my clients to achieve lasting change.

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