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"After the first session of HYPNOTHERAPY
I felt so much more in control on a night out"

Are you ready to take control of your nights out and not wake up feeling hungover and anxious? 

Do you know about the power that hypnotherapy can bring in helping you to change your drinking behaviour and achieve your goals?

I deliver a deeply relaxing form of hypnotherapy that brings rapid and lasting behaviour change to you. I help you alter your alcohol intake with ease, by re-setting the mind and your complete attitude to alcohol, the way it affects your moods, your well-being, your interpersonal relationships and your life.

My tailored form of therapy including elements of clinical hypnosis and strategic goal setting to offer a a complete Alcohol Hypnotherapy Package  

Who is the 'Alcohol Hypnotherapy Package' for:

✔️ Someone who wants to control their drinking without feeling like they are compromising their personality

✔️ Someone who wants a clear PLAN OF ACTION to master their drinking habits so they don't reach the point of no return

✔️ Someone who has tried but failed with moderating their alcohol intake on their own 

✔️ Someone who wants to get their weekends back and do all the things you have been putting off because you were too hungover to move

Who is the 'Alcohol Hypnotherapy Package' NOT for:

❌ Someone who is happy still being the drunkest person at a party that people gossip about

❌ Someone who enjoys being hungover on the weekend

❌ Someone who is happy with their current life trajectory

❌ Someone who doesn't believe in complimentary therapies 

What is included in the package?

  1. Bespoke Hypnotherapy designed and tailored by me to meet you moderation/abstinence goals
  2. 4 x 1hr individual face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions at my practice in Balham, South London
  3. Individualised hypnotherapy recordings from each of the sessions to reinforce and boost learning between sessions
  4. Tailored resources on my unique approach to moderating or abstaining from alcohol and feeling great

Package Price: £380

How do I book or find out more information?

Maybe you still have questions or you want to get started right away.  The first step is to book a FREE 20 minute phone consultation with me discuss your current situation and see if hypnotherapy and my package is right for you.  Click the button below to get started,

Alcohol Moderation

David B.

I wanted to cut down on binge drinking as i was never able to stop once I had started. I seemed to drink more than everyone else, be the most drunk and end up with 2 day hangovers. To manage this I would avoid going out as couldn’t trust myself just to have a couple. But most of the time I would go out anyway and ride out the hangover and endure the anxiety that would follow.

Just after the first session of hypnotherapy I felt so much more in control on a night out. My drinking slowed down and I was very conscious about my limits and not crossing the point of no return. I have my Sunday’s back now. I would never plan anything on a Sunday as knew I would normally be in no fit state to do anything.

I felt very relaxed and Tansy really understood my issues and suited my sessions accordingly.

About Tansy Forrest 

I am a fully qualified, insured clinical hypnotherapist and the owner of Tansy Forrest Hypnotherapy based in Balham, South London. 

I am passionate about helping people to see their true potential.  My philosophy is about enjoying life and understanding that you don’t have to run away from your problems, but instead deal with them head on. My tailored and unique approach during my therapy sessions is progressive rather than regressive, allowing my clients to achieve lasting change.

NCH Registered Therapist Seal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is hypnotherapy safe? Will I lose control?

How long does it take to see results with hypnotherapy?

Do you offer a guarantee on getting results?

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