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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is the term given to sleeping issues. and can take many forms. You might have trouble trying to fall asleep or staying asleep, alternatively it might be that you wake up in the early hours and find it impossible to go back to sleep.

In perfect world, when the moment arrives for us to go to sleep, we need to be in a wonderful state of relaxation. However if a person feels troubled by something such as emotional, financial, personal, employment or relationship concerns, whether consciously or subconsciously this will hinder natural sleep processes. 

Every now and then, each one of us might experience trouble sleeping, typically however after a short time we would resume our natural sleep rhythms. However in the case of insomnia, periods of sleeplessness seem to endure, lasting weeks, months and in some instances, even years.

Understanding the importance of sleep, we might lie in bed awake hour after hour, pondering on how to get to sleep, replaying events of the past in our minds, or nervously thinking about the future. Our mind races like a runaway train out of control as we become increasingly anxious with the ticking of the clock, in full knowledge that morning is rapidly approaching and we will have to summon the energy to fulfill our responsibilities. 

Symptoms and side effects of insomnia may include weight gain, higher levels of stress hormones, impacting on the mood center of the brain, consequently affecting the way we function and feel. If you dearly value the importance of sleep and want a natural insomnia treatment that works, then hypnotherapy may be what you are looking for.

How does hypnotherapy work to help treat insomnia?

Hypnotherapy is a completely different and alternative method of dealing with the problem of sleep and insomnia. It is an incredibly relaxing experience and it allows you to get into a relaxed state so you can get a good night's sleep with no harmful side effects that sleeping tablets might cause. Hypnotherapy can also aid in the development of healthy and regular sleeping patterns.

Hypnosis targets the ‘unconscious’ part of your mind to create change. The ‘unconscious’ mind is operating in the background and it is this part of our mind that holds your habits, beliefs and memories. During this activity multiple patterns of sleep disturbance become ingrained within our subconscious mind after many days, months or sometimes years of poor quality sleep.

With hypnotherapy you can experience rapid and permanent changes that will help with your insomnia. Hypnosis creates a sense of calm and tranquility, eases anxiety and helps you greatly improve sleeping patterns. ​

What benefits can I expect to get from hypnotherapy for insomnia?

  • Help you return to  a normal pattern of sleep
  • Learn how to get into a relaxed state and 'switch off' when going to bed
  • Increased productivity levels throughout your day 
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    Increased concentration and focus 
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    Reduce your anxiety about not being able to get to sleep
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    Increased health and well-being
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    No more missed days off from work due to over tiredness and sickness

How does my approach work?

My approach is a tailored form of therapy using elements of clinical hypnosis and cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Your first session will begin with a fact-find before hypnosis where we will discuss your current situation and history regarding your sleep patterns.

The process will typically require 3 to 4 sessions. All sessions will involve a hypnotic induction to induce a trance state, a deepening process to access and communicate with the unconscious mind, specific suggestions linked to your unique circumstances to enable change and an awakening to take you out of trance.

My therapy practice is a safe and comfortable environment conveniently located in London. I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you on your journey to a beautiful night’s sleep!

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