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About Tansy Forrest
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My career began teaching Social Sciences for over ten years, during this time worked my way up to Head of Department. I also completed an MA and focused my research on analysing individual and group motivation. While on the outside my career and personal life looked great, but on the inside I was struggling.

Stress and pressure trying to maintain a demanding career together with balancing family and financial commitments was becoming increasingly difficult. I experienced panic attacks together with constant fear and worry. The anxiety was slowly chipping away at my health and affecting my relationships leaving me feeling trapped and frustrated. I developed some unhealthy coping mechanisms and often used food and alcohol as a way of dealing with these uncomfortable feelings. After trying many different approaches without success, I decided to turn to hypnotherapy.

I am delighted to say that hypnosis was a life changing experience! It retrained my body and mind to feel so much better about myself. Hypnotherapy has provided a transformation in the way that I see myself and I have been inspired to share this approach with others!

I am passionate about helping people see their true potential. My philosophy is about enjoying life and understanding that you don’t have to run away from low self-worth anymore. My tailored approach towards therapy is progressive, rather than regressive. To put that another way it’s important to find out a bit of history, but more importantly to train the mind to move on.

Part of the main issue is that people get ‘stuck’ in unnecessary habitual thought patterns related to their previous experiences. I feel very passionately that everybody has the ability to improve their emotional wellbeing, leaving old thinking habits where they belong – in the past!

The good news is that you have an amazing mind and the resources and ability to change your thinking and I can help you do this. Having faced these issues myself I understand what you are going through. I use a compassionate and solution focused approach to help you unlearn old unwanted thought patterns.

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DHyp, MNCH, BA (Hons), PGCE, MA

Hypnosis was a life changing experience! It retrained my body and mind to feel so much better about myself #hypnotherapy

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Tansy Forrest London Hypnotherapy

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