Best Books for Alcohol Moderation (Updated for 2023)
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Best Books for Alcohol Moderation (Updated for 2023)

Self-help books are a great way to kick start your alcohol moderation journey and an excellent resource to read on your own or in conjunction with hypnotherapy sessions.  The last few years has really bought the mindful drinking and alcohol moderation approach to mainstream attention.  There has been increased focus on alcohol moderation and reduction in the media from documentaries such as 'Drinkers Like Us' by BBC journalist Adrian Chilies to breweries now catering to moderate drinkers by manufacturing a growing number of 0% and 0.5% ABV beers.  I have compiled a list of my top three favourite books to help you begin your alcohol moderation journey.

What to look for in a book to help you moderate your alcohol? 

Like any self-help books there can be both good and great books out there, so what makes a great self-help book for alcohol moderation? Here are a few key points I like to look for when choosing a book to help you moderate your alcohol,

  1.  Has the author taken this journey themselves?
  2. Does the author give you actionable steps to take or tools to use to aid in your alcohol moderation journey?
  3. How has the author gained their experience in this field? Is the author a practising therapist or conducted research on alcohol moderation or reduction?
  4. What do other readers and book critics think of their book and techniques they advocate? 

So, with the above points considered you can find my favourite books for alcohol reduction. Please remember to take notes along the way through each book and try to do any exercises that are detailed in most of them. You might find that a book you end up purchasing doesn't really resonate with you, please don't despair I have read many books on changing behaviours and you will resonate with some authors and their strategies or tools and not others. The key is to not give up on your alcohol moderation goals and try another book from the list below or from the many books that are released each year.

Looking to quit alcohol instead of moderating?  Why not read my review on my Best Books for Quit Drinking Alcohol too.

My best books to help you moderate & cut down your drinking 


By Frederick Rotgers

The author takes a more scientific approach to explore the effects of alcohol consumption on the reader by using tools to help them discover the severity of their drinking issue. Frederick uses research based-techniques to inform his readers of how drinking problems can develop and if they should pursue a moderation or abstinence strategy, finally providing readers with a definitive set of tools to help them adopt goals that they can tailor to their needs.

The book has detailed exercises where readers make a commitment to be a responsible drinker, examine the negative effects of alcohol use, identify their own triggers as well as learning to take control of their behaviour. I really like this book for its research driven approach in conjunction with practical exercises.


By Rosamund Dean

Rosamund does an excellent job of articulating a straightforward and realistic approach to moderation, while intertwining humorous personal stories along the way. She has researched and conveys the psychology of drinking and behaviour change for the reader to help them to become what she terms to be a 'mindful drinker'. The author also incorporates expert advice and mini-interviews throughout the book.

I love the fact that she shares smart, practical tips in helping to curb excessive drinking through her own experiences and personal rules that have turned her into a mindful drinker. 


By Donna Cornett

Author, Donna Cornett gives a candid account of her own struggle with alcohol issues and her frustration at a lack of options for others who face a mild to moderate alcohol use disorder. The book is based on the Drink/Link programme she first developed in 1988. The reader can assess their position on a continuum of alcohol use then apply a common-sense method to lower their intake.

Her approach is practical and is written in an upbeat style covering topics such as managing drinking urges, pacing drinking as well as honing the art of social drinking. Cornett succinctly helps the reader to pinpoint their own ‘drinking personality’ and to break the habitual drinking cycle with motivational tips and tools along the way. Cornett believes that early intervention is crucial to prevent more severe alcohol abuse and to and improve health and wellbeing.


By Shahroo Izadi

Shahroo has a wealth of experience working as a behavioural change specialist at some of the UK's leading health and social care organisations.  This depth of experience permeates through her knowledge and techniques presented throughout the book.  While the book itself is not strictly targeted towards alcohol moderation, it does instead give the reader a set of tools that can be applied to any bad habits that may require changing.  At the heart of the book's ethos is addressing the problems you have with yourself, asking you to look carefully at yourself, your life and your habits and how you might be able to re-frame them.  

Ultimately the book left me feeling empowered and motivated to make lasting changes in my life across many areas of my life, not just moderating alcohol and forgo the 'quick fixes' that other books might claim.  I believe it is one of the best books out there in creating health habits that you can stick too!

Do you have a favourite self-help book for alcohol moderation or reduction that you found really useful too?  Please leave a comment below and I will try to include it in another future blog post.  

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