Mindful Eating – My 5 top strategies to power your weight loss journey
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Mindful Eating – My 5 top strategies to power your weight loss journey

Having learned a lot about improving my own eating habits and helping others using hypnotherapy, I wanted to share some of my top tips for acquiring and maintaining a healthy weight through the use of mindful eating.  

Eating is supposed to be an enjoyable and natural activity for meeting our energy and nutritional needs.  However, many of my clients face a battle with food as result of emotional triggers that they are not aware of that leave them feeling helpless and unable to change.  Mindful eating is about the creation of access points so that you can ask “Am I hungry for food or is it an unmet emotional need”.  New research shows that this awareness can revolutionise your relationship with food and promote an ideal body weight.

I have put together my top 5 strategies for mindful eating success to help kick start your weight loss journey,

1-Sit down and Unplug

Your mind and body need a break, so make time to sit down and eat and savor your food. Avoid watching tv, texting or talking on the phone when you are eating and instead focus on your meal and enjoy!  We have do so much multitasking in a day but try to take time for yourself and really focus on eating during meal times.

Benefits - Eating without distractions allows you to pay attention to your food and the way you consume it. You may discover that you were not tasting the food or eating too quickly before.

2-Eat Slowly

Your brain needs about 20 minutes to know that you have eaten enough food and to communicate to your body that you are full. When you slow down you are more likely to make decisions that will nourish your body. Get into the healthy habit of eating slowly by pausing between bites and setting your fork down. Aim to be satisfied and not full!  

Benefits- Eating slowly helps prevent overeating and helps with maintaining a healthy weight.

3-Chew well

Chew your food completely before you swallow it. Some experts suggest chewing each bite 30-50 times in order to properly digest your food.

Benefits- Better absorption of vitamins and nutrients. You are also less likely to experience bloating, indigestion and gas. Proper digestion is crucial for overall health. 

4.Embrace your senses

Mindful eating can be an amazingly stimulating practice. There are multiple aspects to discover and experience throughout a meal including texture, colour, aroma and sounds. Eating is not simply about taste and paying attention to all your senses can be a great way to become fully present whilst eating.

Benefits- using all your senses will encourage you to slow down and appreciate the full experience of eating.

5-Eat only when you are hungry 

Its very easy to make a habit of emotional or mindless grazing. You may also find that you don’t feel hungry at mealtimes. If you are hungry between meals, then make sure you have a healthy snack on hand.

How can hypnotherapy help you?

Hypnosis for weight loss involves healthy lifestyle alterations and centers on self-awareness and empowerment.  My approach builds behavior change over the long term.  Dieting can often be a quick fix which is often based on deprivation making you feel continually hungry, instead mindful eating is calm and promotes balance and harmony in all areas of your life.  Contact me to below to book a phone call with you and talk over your weight loss and eating challenges. 

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